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Registration & Tuition

Registration is for the entire 38-week school year September to June.  If a student must withdraw before the end of the school year, a four-week notice is required. No withdrawal is accepted after April 1st.  Tuition fees may be paid monthly or on a quarterly basis as quoted below. If payments are made monthly, they are due on the 11th of each month, September to May (9 monthly payments). If payments are made quarterly, they are due September, November, January and March 11th.



Monthly Quarterly
45 min. private lesson each week $190 $426.25
60 min. private lesson each week $211 $473.75
60 min. class lesson each week $200.50 $450

The above piano programs include a 60 min.Repertoire Class each month. These Rep. classes are extremely important and should not be missed.  There are no private or class lessons the week of Rep. Classes.


Monthly Quarterly
60 min. private lesson each week $253 $568.75



Monthly Quarterly
15 min. added to each lesson (child) $61.20 $136.50
30 min. lesson each week $128.80
$135   (adult) $302.75


Attendance at all the lessons is extremely important.  Missed class lessons can not be made up.  Private lessons missed for illness or emergency will be made up providing advanced notice is given.

SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR PIANO STUDENTS;  an 8 1/2 X 11  3-ring notebook, pencil and required music.